Hello Chapter Members,
Due to extenuating circumstances, our annual SCI banquet has been cancelled for this year.

We will begin planning for next year's even towards the end of 2017. We look forward to continuing with this fundraiser and will be asking for members to step forward and help make it successful.

Thank you for your continued support of SCI
Chapter Fund Raiser Event
The chapter is having a fundraiser event. They are selling raffle tickets for the following: 1st prize is 1/2 beef and a 14.0 upright freezer. 2nd prize is a 57.3 Yeti cooler. Tickets are singles $ 5.00 or a book of 5 for $ 20.00. Drawing will be on December 20,2014 at the Clarion Inn & Suites at 300 south Highway 13 at 7:00 P M. Do not need to be present to win. Ticket outlets are as follows: Craig Rummel 824-7578, Scott Moore 629-5406, Ken Fleming 629-1208, Deb Shaffer, Fran Reinier,and any board members. For further information contact Karl Huntsman 819-2531. Proceeds goes to help the 4-H Shooting sports, Disabled Vets and other programs.
Board Meeting
The Board meeting for October 3rd has been canceled. Next meeting will be held November 7th,2013 at the Holiday Inn in Craig, Colorado.
TicketsTickets are now on sale for the annual fundraiser and banquet to be held at the Holiday Inn on March 23,2013. Cooperate tables available. Doors open at 5:30 P.M.Ticket outlets are at the following: Mountain Man Taxidermy, Rummel Chiropractic Office, Craig Chamber of Commerce, Bryn Van Tassel, Chapman's Automotive, Northwest Pawn Shop,or contacting 970-819-2531.
Auction Items For 2013
A custom built xtreme Weather Rifle chambered in the ever-popular .300 WSM. This rifle comes with a Stainless Steel Barrel with a 1-10 twist, Short Action, Magnum Bolt Face, #2 L/W Sporter Contour,24 inch Finished Length, Matte finished Bell and Carlson Black Stock,BDL (with full bottom metal),with both front and rear swivel studs and Pacemeyer Decelerator, and SCI engraved on the floor plate. The rifle is topped with fabulous ZIESS 3 X 10 Rapid Z 800 scope and comes with Waren rings and bases for mounting. It will come with one box of FEDERAL PREMIUM TRIPLE STOCK CARTRIDGES.
Walter P22Q Talo Edition Silencer Hunter Town .22 LR.243 Savage Youth Rifle with scope lightweight..257 Winchester model 70 with scope.Mountain Game of the World Volume 1.Stay one week ( 6 nights, 7 days) in a Deluxe One Bedroom Suite at Hacienda Cerritos. The win is good for any available time with no black-out dates.
Leann Collins Fine Art Photography with certificate of authenticity will be issued.
"First Shot a Miss" by Tom Mansanarez, 1-27" X 36" Limited-edition signed and numbered print on canvas with frame.Stay one week (6 nights, 7 days)in a Two Bedroom 2-1/2 Bath Villa at Cerritos Surf Colony. The win is good for any available time with no black-out dates.Ladies jewelry will be auction off at the fundraiser/banquet.Get your cooperate tables now for the 2013 annual banquet and fundraising event. Each cooperate table seats 8. The cost per table is $ 500.00.
Each cooperate table sold will be eligible for a 6 days / 5 night Remote Alaska. Guided Salmon fishing trip for one Angler who must bring another paying angler with him. Each cooperate table that signs up and who attends will be issued 1 guided Alaska Fishing Trip per table.2013- 2014-Plains Game Hunting Safari for ( 2 ) Hunters.Includes Trophy Fees for 1 Blue Wildebeest and 1 Impala for each hunter. This is exclusive safari is available for scheduling from March through November 2013 or 2014. Five ( 5 ) Day Red Stag Hunt in Beautiful New Zealand for Two ( 2 ) Hunters. This hunt can be taken in 2013 or 2014. 2013 - 2014 - 6 Day 1 man Guided Trophy Yukon Canadian Moose Hunt with meals and Lodging. 2013 - 2014 - Miami Shark Fishing Adventure for 2 with 3-night Hotel stay and airfare for 2. Mexico Beach, Florida Vacation for 6 people includes 8 days 7 nights plus daily horseback, fishing, golf for two. Good for 2013 or 2014. Sea Village Resort Kona, HI ( 8 days 7-nights for 4 people ) Big Island Hawaii, US.This vacation is good for 2013 or 2014.
This chapter holds monthly meetings,the 1st Thursday at the Craig Holiday Inn. Time: 6:30 P.M. Members are invited to attend any meetings they can. These meetings are open to the public. See what the local Chapter is doing in the area. Remember SCI FIRST FOR HUNTERS.
Family Cast~N~Blast to be held in Craig.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife,in cooperation with Colorado Outfitters Chapter, Northwest Ready Mix, Safari Club International (Yampa Valley Chapter) and the Wyman Museum, will host a free family CAST and Blast, Sunday July 1, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Wyman Museum in Craig.
The activities will be taught by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers and volunteers, and anyone interested learning the basics of shooting, archery and fishing in a fun, family environment is encouraged to sign up.
"It's a great opportunity for an entire family, from young kids and moms and dads, to learn about these popular outdoor activities together," said Mike Swaro, District Wildlife Officer of Maybell.
Also featured will be a fur exhibit and black powder firearms demonstration by a Colorado Mountain Man.
All angling equipment will be available free of charge, however participants can bring their own fishing equipment if prefer. Firearms and archery equipment will be provided and participants are asked not to bring their own.
A free BBQ lunch will also be served. For protection from the elements, everyone is reminded to bring layers of clothing and sunscreen.
Participants 16 and older must have a current fishing license to participate in any fishing events.
For questions or to sign-up for the family CAST~N~BLAST,contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Meeker Service Center at 970-878-6090.
Sign up is first-come first-served and space will be limited.
U S Department of Transportation Federal Aviation administration
Ammunition & Air Traveling Are you planning that hunting trip of a lifetime to Alaska? Perhaps you plan to participate in a civil war reenactment event or possibly complete in skeet shooting match?
If your plans involve air travel, the Federal Aviation Administration wants you to
have a safe, legal and enjoyable trip and ensure you are aware of the limitations and restrictions on traveling with small arms ammunition or muzzle loading supplies.
Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR) regulates the transportation of hazardous materials by all four modes (air, highway, vessel, rail). The regulations allow small arms ammunition for personal use to be carried by a passenger in checked by a passenger IN CHECKED BAGGAGE, IF SECURELY PACKAGED IN BOXES OR PACKAGING specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition. Ammunition clips and magazines must also be securely boxed.
While domestic regulations do not limit the amount of ammunition, most airlines limit ammunition min checked baggage tom a maximum of 11 pounds per passenger.
What about muzzle loader powder/propellants. PROPELLING CHARGES SUCH AS BLACK POWDER AND BLACK POWDER SUBSTITUTES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN PASSENGER BAGGAGE. Civil penalties can be assessed against a passenger who improperly offers these item in air transportation. The transportation of these materials should only be performed by a person with knowledge of the hazardous material regulations. For destinations within the United States, contacting your supplier and having them ship these materials directly to your destination is a great way to ensure it is done properly.
What about primers?
Primers, cap type, ARE NOT ALLOWED IN PASSENGER BAGGAGE. While certain primers can be transported, others are forbidden in air transportation. Again, any transportation of these should only be performed by a person with knowledge of the hazardous material regulations. The best way to ensure compliance is to have the primers shipped directly to your destination by the supplier or purchase the primers upon arrival at destination. Remember the motto: "Avoid a flight and buy on site." What if I am traveling overseas. For international air transportation, the regulations permit up to 11 pounds of small arms ammunition per passenger in checked baggage. Since airlines may have more restrictive policies, it is prudent to contact your airline in advance to ensure they allow small arms ammunition in checked baggage. Black powder, substitutes, and primers are forbidden from international air transportation in passenger baggage. Many problems can be avoided by coordinating in advance with hunting guides or local retailers in the country to which you are traveling. Leave the preparation and shipping of the hazardous materials to the experts.
More information can be obtained by contacting the nearest Federal Aviation Administration, Security & Hazardous Material Office. Contact information can be found at
Information on international air transportation can be found at
Convention 2012
National convention will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada February 1st threw February 4th,2012. Plan on attending get your reservations now.
Safari Club International has change the dues as of February 2011. They have discontinued the family and youth structure memberships. The new dues are now $ 85.00. That includes the local chapter dues.
This chapter sponsored a person to attend the American Wilderness Leadership school located in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Attended the Conservation Education Programs. The following programs were wildlife conservation and management in the United states, Land management issues-effects on wildlife and stream studies,Endanger spices and outdoor ethics,Yellowstone Ecosystem presentation,economic contribution of sportsman in conversation, putting it all together-Instructional materials to use in outdoors education programs and Instruction to many useful resources to share. The Wyoming site is an American Camp Association accredited Conference Center surrounded by marvelous beauty of Gross Venture area within Bridger-Tetons National Forest. And more National Archery in Schools Instructor Certificate; Shooting sports- firearm safety, shotgun, rifle,and archery. Outdoor survival on how to teach youth. Field trip with Bureau of Land Management and Wyoming Game & Fish agencies. Visited natural gas fields to explore energy and conservation issues. Enjoying white water trip on the Snake River. These Graduate Credits are issued by the Colorado State University,Fort Collins, Colorado.
Anyone wishing to attend this go to: and fill out an application. Mail all applications to Post Office Box 752 Craig, Colorado 81626-0752.
Cast and Blast Event
50 people braved the rain to practice shooting, fishing at DOW and Yampa Valley Chapter event in Moffat County.
Trenton Lawrence crouched low to the ground, resting his elbow on his knew.
The 12 year-old held a .22-caliber single-shot rifle across his chest, squinting in concentration as a steady rain fell around him."PING"
His first shot hit one of the orange metal targets on the grass in front of him. A few seconds later, his next round hit the same target.
Trenton had never shot a rifle until that moment.
He and his friend Matt Beron, also 12 had plenty of target practice with an Air soft gun, but when they approached Division of Wildlife Officer Jon Wangnild on Saturday at the annual "Cast n` Blast" event in Axial Basin, they were both wide-eyed with excitement.
After a brief tutorial on safety and a few pointers, each of the boys took aim.
"You're a dead-eye," Wangnild exclaimed. "You guys have had a lot of practice with those Air soft guns, I guess."
After they had each hit several targets, there were shouts of "Yeah" and high fives, an indication that the event had been a success for Trenton and Matt.
The annual event, sponsored by the DOW along with other partnering agencies, is an opportunity to introduce children and families to outdoor sports like shooting and fishing, DOW Mike Bauman said.
"It's a good exposure for kids," Bauman said. "This year, we expanded it to families because outdoor sports should be family-oriented. It's a chance for them to have fun, and maybe the kids will enjoy the outdoor sports."
The Safari Club International and Northwest Colorado Outfitters Chapter also supported the free event.
Despite rain and cool weather. 15 families attended.
"This is fun," Trenton said. "You get to learn how to shoot and fish. We're going to do the shotguns next."
a mile down the road from the shooting range, the weather made the "cast" aspect of "Cast 'n Blast" a success.
Children and adults alike were pulling rainbow trout from the Perch Pond left and right.
Justin Olsen, a DOW district wildlife manager, said the fish tend to feed in the rain.
"Rain knocks the bugs into the water," Olsen said "We couldn't have timed this any better. Usually at these events, you get one fish all day."
the DOW stocked the pond with 800 fish before the event, giving them time to adapt to their new environment and build up an appetite for the worms that would be cast their way.
Six-year-old Sydney Boyd, of Rifle, traveled to the event with her brother, sister, parents and neighbors.
Just after 1 pm. she felt a tug on her line, and yelled for her mother Tracy.
Shrieking and giggling, she ran from the bank and watched as her mother reeled in the trout.
"I ran because I was scared." she said.
But soon, she was holding her line as a fish flopped in the cool air.
Tracy said the family would be eating rainbow trout for dinner. Sydney had other ideas.
"I want to take it home as a pet." she said.
For Tracy. the event was ideal for family just getting started in outdoor activities.
My kids haven't been around shooting a lot," she said.
"Me and my husband are just starting to get into it. They loved it today; they were like , "Sweet." "This is a great program, and a great opportunity."

Newsletter 2009
What has your local chapter of Safari Club International been up to? We recently won the " Chapter of the Year Award" for a Chapter of 25 - 50 members. This award is exciting for us, as we have only officially been a chapter since August of 2008. Your chapter President will travel to Reno, Nevada in January to accept the award to the annual SCI Convention. Here are the things we have done in the short time we have been a chapter that helped in with this great achievement:Sponsored a cow elk hunt for youth & Disabled hunters along with the Mother-well Ranch.
February 2009 Banquet
"1st" Annual Banquet at Holiday Inn of Craig brought in a whopping (gross) $20,000 (which by the way stays right here in our community).
Division Of Wildlife Officer Receives Award
Yampa Valley Chapter Of SCI "Sponsored local DOW Officer Mike Swaro allowing him to travel to Canada to receive the "Torch Award" which is given to an Officer with 5 or less years with the DOW while showing community service."Sponsored a Youth Pheasant Hunt along with the DOW & the Mother-well Ranch. 12 kids were given the opportunity to hunt pheasants, shoot trap & learn to properly field dress their birds. All were treated to a great lunch.
September 2009
Sponsored the Hayden Archery Program & helped them purchase used equipment in hopes of keeping kids interested in the program even if their parents cannot afford for them to participate.
Women Afield Program 2009
Our chapter also help sponsor (6) 1st time women hunters along with the DOW & their " Women Afield Program ".
The women were graciously allowed to hunt on the Bord Gulch Ranch outside Craig in hopes of bagging their first doe Antelope. Three women were successful in the hunt but all learned valuable lesson & had a great time.
Disable Vets October 2009
Sponsored (2) Disabled Veterans on a buck Antelope hunt on the Bord Gulch Ranch. Our chapter paid for the tags, fuel to travel to Craig as well as lodging accommodations for the weekend. Both hunters were successful.
>October 2009 Lorna Farrow Memorial Shoot
This Chapter paid for all the ammo at the Lorna Farrow Memorial Shoot in Steamboat Springs to Honor long time resident & avid out doors woman Lorna Farrow.
Safari in a box.
This chapter sponsored "Safari in a box" program for a local teacher to teach at Ridgeview Elementary School.The box is filled with hides, skulls, cast tracks as well as scat & educational material on the importance of wildlife conservation.
This teacher also attended part of the American Wilderness Leadership SCI (AWLS)in Jackson Hole that is put on every year by SCI.
Moose Transplanted November 2009
We have sponsored (3) Moose to be transplanted in the Meeker/Flattops area. That transplant will be happening in January and we will have the details at the next monthly chapter meeting in January 7th @ 6:30 at the Golden Cavvy in Craig. We encourage all members to attend the monthly meetings. It's a great way to keep up with what is going on in your local chapter as well as have a voice on what you would like our chapter to be doing. Happy Holidays!