Yampa Valley Chapter of SCI

Yampa Valley- SCI Goals
  • To support and sponsor local youth shooting groups
  • To offer educational opportunities in local schools, teaching the environmental and economic benefits of hunting
  • To work with outfitters and other hunting service entities to provide quality hunting experiences to those who may not otherwise be able to hunt
  • To support the transplant of moose to the White River National Forest

Why have a local chapter?
  • local chapters have members who know local needs.
  • local chapters raise funds that benefit the immediate area
  • the majority of the funds raised remain in local communities
  • the funds are controled and allocated by local membership
  • local chapters sponsor,among other things, youth shooting and educating, including 4-H programs

SCI Hunters Code of Ethics
  • Recognizing my responsibilities to wildlife, habitat and future generations, I pledge;
  • To conduct myself in the field so as a positive contribution to wildlife ecosystems;
  • To improve my skills as a woodsman and marksman to ensure humane harvesting of wildlife;
  • To comply with game laws, un the spirit of Fair Chase, and influence my companions accordingly;
  • To accept my responsibility to provide all possible assistance to game law enforcement officers;
  • To waste no opportunity to teach young people the full meaning of this code of ethics;
  • To reflect in word and behavior only credit upon the fraternity of sportsmen, and to demonstrate abiding respect for game, habitat and property where I am privileged to hunt.